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‘We must stop greenwashing’ activists voice their opposition to APEC

Photo: Chanklang Kanthong / Greenpeace
Photo: Ahead of next week’s APEC 2022 Leaders Summit, Greenpeace activists delivered a special message to the visiting leaders, as well as to big climate polluters, unfurling a banner that read “APEC, Stop Greenwashing” and “To Climate Polluters, Pay Up For Loss and Damage”, in the waters of Benjakitti public park near the venue of the Summit. Chanklang Kanthong / Greenpeace

74 Thai Civil Society Organisations united under the network ‘Ratsadon #StopAPEC2022’ made a statement announcing their opposition to the upcoming 29th Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit (APEC) held between 16-18 November.

A few days ahead of APEC, chaired by Thailand, activists made a public statement demanding the Thai Prime Minister General Prayut Chan-o-cha step down as Chairman, revoke the BCG Economy Model and dissolve the House of Representatives.

The conference is criticised by civil society groups as a rubber stamp for big investors to greenwash their businesses throughout the new agreements in carbon credits and free trade agreements.

“We barely know what issues will be discussed during APEC. There is no space for people,” said Somboon Khamhang, the president of NGO Coordinating Committee on Development (NGO-COD) “We will take parallel action to inform the other side of realities.”

Members of the network ‘Ratsadon #StopAPEC2022’ announce their opposition at the Foreign Correspondents Club in Bangkok. Nicha Wachpanich

The network consists of human rights defenders across Thailand from pro-democracy to anti-mining groups. They announced they will take action in parallel with the APEC between 16-18 November in front of Bangkok City Hall.

The summit location at Queen Sirikit National Convention Center will be guarded by 35,000 policemen to oversee security and traffic according to The Royal Thai Police. The Royal Gazette also announced that the Convention Center and the area around the attendees’ accommodations are prohibited from any kind of protest.

Several human rights defenders who are part of the network reported being called or visited by police officers to persuade them to stop their movement during the summit.

“We would like to invite everyone to learn and monitor the APEC negotiation process and result.” announced Jatupat Boonpattararaksa or ‘Pai Daodin’, the pro-democracy activist from northeastern Thailand.