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James Wilson/Thai News Pix
James Wilson/Thai News Pix

Marriage equality passes, but where are the LGBTQ senators?

The absence of LGBTQ senators in the newly elected body contrasts sharply with recent legislative victories, including the passage of a marriage equality bill.
Duay Jai Foundation
Duay Jai Foundation
One day before the International Day in Support of Victims of Torture, a human rights defender who advocated for justice for alleged torture victims was killed outside his home in southern Thailand.
Peerapon Boonyakiat/HaRDstories
Peerapon Boonyakiat/HaRDstories
In Chiang Mai, performance artists are using their bodies as silent canvasses to challenge political repression, despite the risk of legal consequences.


Amidst the unresolved tensions in Thailand's Deep South, a group of former detainees emerges as pillars of resilience for victims of arbitrary detention and state overreach.
A coalition of over 20 rights groups demand action against Thai VietJet, alleging a pattern of discrimination against passengers with disabilities in the airline industry, a claim denied by the company.
Three years after the legalisation of abortion, pro-choice activists are urging parliament to speed up the nationwide expansion of access to services, emphasising the slow progress and persistent challenges.
Varuth Pongsapipatt/HaRDstories
Varuth Pongsapipatt/HaRDstories
At SWING's clinics, Thai sex workers find safe harbour not only from healthcare discrimination but also in an unprecedented collaboration with local police, challenging long-standing prejudices.

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Thai labour law remains silent on the issue of menstrual leave, contrasting sharply with the growing societal openness towards discussing issues like period pains and the accessibility of sanitary products.
A landmark decision by Thailand's Supreme Court orders the Royal Thai Army to provide compensation to the family of Chaiyaphum Pasae, a 17-year-old human rights defender who was shot dead by a soldier six years ago.
For many Rohingyas who took up refuge in Thailand, life in the shadows is preferable to the deadly persecution back home – even if it means enduring a cycle of bribery, abuse, and prejudice.
Thailand has more than 69,000 doctors, nearly half are in Bangkok. Still, there is no public hospital providing free abortion services under universal healthcare. Advocates are calling for medical staff to adhere to the law.
Only a tiny percentage of Thailand's workforce is organised in labour unions, ranking among the lowest globally. But a new generation of workers is weaving together communities not in meeting halls, but across the internet.
Dismissed but not defeated: An unjust firing ignites a union leader’s rise in Thailand’s social justice movement.

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