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Rights Suppression

On 10 May 2022, two of Thailand’s most renowned women human rights defenders, Angkhana Neelapaijit and Anchana Heemina, testified in a lawsuit accusing the government and the military of misinformation at Ratchada Civil Court.
Renowned Thai photojournalist Vinai Dithajohn was only 15 when he had to leave school and work as a bus fare collector. He went on to become one of Thailand’s most respected and prolific chroniclers of the political turmoil from the last 20 years.
Five years ago, Chaiyaphum Pasae, a young Lahu rights defender, and Abe Sae Mu, an ethnic Lisu man, were shot dead by soldiers in northern Thailand. While Abe's family received financial compensation, Chaiyaphum's family continues to seek justice and hold the military accountable.
Over the past few years, the team from We Watch, a passionate and ambitious citizen youth network has mobilised thousands of volunteers to hold the government and candidates accountable by observing and documenting both local and national elections in Thailand.
In Thailand’s deep south, torture is devastating communities. But one woman is trying to stop the violence by documenting abuse and offering therapy in its place.
One of the most radical political artists in the Thai scene, Tada Hengsapkul ties together nationalism, often-ugly politics, and the bruises of the Cold War in provocative, thought-provoking art.