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Rights Suppression

A book editor and translator is fundraising bond money for hundreds of activists and protesters as her own way of "paying off the debt" for those who braved arrest and prosecution to speak up against Thailand's government.
As Thailand celebrates the 90th anniversary of its first constitution today, a group of women activists have called for a new charter to protect and promote human rights...
Torture and enforced disappearance have long been problems in the country. However, most reported cases were never resolved, and hardly anyone was ever held accountable.
Run by four women, and supported by donors from all walks of life, the Will of the People Fund has been bailing out hundreds of Thailand’s activists, human rights defenders, and government critics who would otherwise have ended up in prison.
In a joint open letter, 71 organisations and community groups from Thailand and more than ten countries across Asia called on the Thai government to better protect women/human rights defenders from judicial harassment.
Today, on the International Day of Enforced or Involuntary Disappearances, HaRDstories would like to remember and honour those women/human rights defenders who were silenced and never seen again. We would also like to acknowledge the pain and suffering their families and loved ones endured.
Founded in 2011, Duay Jai is a local rights group supporting victims of arbitrary detention, rights violations and alleged torture by security personnel in the Deep South. Yureesa Sama, the organisation's secretary-general, works to provide mental health support to families affected and traumatised by the conflict.
A network of communities and human rights defenders from across Thailand gathered in Bangkok, forming a protest camp outside the United Nations headquarters. They are opposing the new draft Bill on the Operations of Not-for-Profit Organisations. The Bill is expected to increase the government’s control of civil society and the protestors say they will remain until their calls are answered.
On 24 May 2022, a network of civil society groups under the name "People's Democracy Movement of Thailand" (PDMT) took to the streets of Bangkok to protest a draft law on the regulation of non-profit organisations.