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For many Rohingyas who took up refuge in Thailand, life in the shadows is preferable to the deadly persecution back home – even if it means enduring a cycle of bribery, abuse, and prejudice.
Thailand has more than 69,000 doctors, nearly half are in Bangkok. Still, there is no public hospital providing free abortion services under universal healthcare. Advocates are calling for medical staff to adhere to the law.
Only a tiny percentage of Thailand's workforce is organised in labour unions, ranking among the lowest globally. But a new generation of workers is weaving together communities not in meeting halls, but across the internet.
Four park rangers have been acquitted, while the former national park chief is sentenced to prison in connection with the disappearance of the prominent Karen activist, leaving a trail of unanswered questions. For the family, the quest for justice continues.
Thailand will buy electricity from the Pak Beng Dam in Laos for the next 29 years. And no, people didn’t have a say in it.
Under the Thai government’s “carbon credits” scheme, about 17,000 acres of mangrove forest lands are being placed under the oversight of multi-million baht corporations, leaving some conservationists uneasy.
Aiming for clearer skies, a Thai court has delivered a landmark ruling that demands heightened transparency concerning industrial emissions.
Dismissed but not defeated: An unjust firing ignites a union leader’s rise in Thailand’s social justice movement.
Behind the recent acquittal of three Thai human rights defenders lies a contentious issue: SLAPP lawsuits.