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Thailand’s shores are increasingly fortified with seawalls, a move officials claim is essential for erosion control. But environmental groups challenge the necessity of such drastic measures.
In Thailand, the pursuit of electric vehicle battery production is breathing new life into potash mining, but rural communities are resisting, alarmed by the possible environmental fallout.
A coalition of labour rights activists and political newcomers secure a sweeping victory in the first Social Security board election.
At SWING's clinics, Thai sex workers find safe harbour not only from healthcare discrimination but also in an unprecedented collaboration with local police, challenging long-standing prejudices.
In a former communist stronghold along the Thai-Lao border, indigenous communities are picking a new battle. Armed with litmus paper and test tubes, they are fighting the transboundary pollution allegedly caused by the region's largest coal power plant.
Thai labour law remains silent on the issue of menstrual leave, contrasting sharply with the growing societal openness towards discussing issues like period pains and the accessibility of sanitary products.
A landmark decision by Thailand's Supreme Court orders the Royal Thai Army to provide compensation to the family of Chaiyaphum Pasae, a 17-year-old human rights defender who was shot dead by a soldier six years ago.
For resisting a gold mine that poisoned their lands, a community in northeastern Thailand was lionised by the press as an example of a David-versus-Goliath fight. But years later, the villagers are still struggling to revive the lands – now without the compensation that they were lawfully entitled to.
Amid mounting concerns over the credibility of Environmental Impact Assessments in Thailand, a coalition of communities in four northern river basins has filed a lawsuit against the massive Yuam water diversion project.