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On 20 July 2022, Bangkok’s Administrative Court dismissed a case proposed by the network of communities and pollution watchdogs to revoke the regulations allowing exemptions for waste to energy power plants from undertaking Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).
On 18 July 2022 local people and NGO’s who were against the construction of the Nabon power plant protested in front of the Ministry of Energy in Bangkok. Concerned that the two power plants will be built next to agricultural land and villages.
On June 15, 2022, a network of around 100 villagers from the Lower Chi River Basin in Roi Et and Yasothon provinces travelled to the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives in Bangkok.
The Chatree mining complex in Northern Thailand began operations in 2001 and was closed by Thailand’s ruling junta in 2017. Villagers say the environment and their health has suffered as a result of the operations. In January 2022, the government gave permission for the mine to reopen.
A team of environmental rights defenders sailed out of Pattani, a Muslim fishing community in the Deep South, on 26 May. With help from volunteering fisherfolk along the coast, they held discussions with local communities to raise awareness about the need to protect juvenile fish.
Renowned Thai environmental rights defender Niwat Roykaew receives this year's prestigious Goldman Environmental Prize.
A network of communities and human rights defenders from across Thailand gathered in Bangkok, forming a protest camp outside the United Nations headquarters. They are opposing the new draft Bill on the Operations of Not-for-Profit Organisations. The Bill is expected to increase the government’s control of civil society and the protestors say they will remain until their calls are answered.
On 24 May 2022, a network of civil society groups under the name "People's Democracy Movement of Thailand" (PDMT) took to the streets of Bangkok to protest a draft law on the regulation of non-profit organisations.
Environmentalist Chut Wutty was one of the leading voices for forest conservation in Cambodia. He was killed ten years ago, shot dead by a soldier in the Cardamom Mountains. But the precise circumstances of his death remain muddled.