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Natural Resources

Coastal communities battle an unwelcome guest that poses a serious threat to biodiversity, the livelihoods of local fishers and the seafood industry.
In Thailand, the pursuit of electric vehicle battery production is breathing new life into potash mining, but rural communities are resisting, alarmed by the possible environmental fallout.
Piya Thedyam leads the charge for Thai fishing communities, safeguarding the ocean from illicit fishing in a nation where written laws are no match for the problem.
As Thailand’s largest gold mine reopens, affected locals await justice in this year’s class action lawsuit.
As the Mekong River struggles with the devastating effects of upstream hydropower dams, river communities and scholars are leading a movement to shift our relationship with nature.
After three decades of conflict and four killings in the struggle to stop a stone mining company from excavating a local mountain, the Supreme Administrative Court ruled in favour of the Khao Lao Yai - Pha Chan Dai Community Forest Conservation Group.
The Mekong is changing rapidly due to a series of infrastructure projects that turned the river into an international political battleground. One woman is determined to make a change from the ground to save the “bloodline” of millions of people.
As Thailand marches ahead with its vision of ‘greening’ the Northeast through extensive irrigation projects, local communities are concerned about the impact of the infrastructure plans on the Mekong’s tributaries.
Thai fishing communities gather in Bangkok this week to renew their call on the government to enforce regulations to protect juvenile fish.