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Minority Rights

Five years ago, Chaiyaphum Pasae, a young Lahu rights defender, and Abe Sae Mu, an ethnic Lisu man, were shot dead by soldiers in northern Thailand. While Abe's family received financial compensation, Chaiyaphum's family continues to seek justice and hold the military accountable.
From Thailand to Indonesia, indigenous people who have lived off the land for generations struggle to preserve their forest homes and customs. But as states create national parks and forcibly evict forest-dwellers, their ties to ancestral land are cut.
Dressed in colourful traditional garb, the village's female elders gather around a young woman as two large cameras begin recording. In a soft but firm voice, Pornchita Fahpratanprai explains why they are standing up against a coal mine threatening their peaceful community in the mountains of northern Thailand.
Patchara Kumchumnan, the passionate indigenous rights defender behind the #SaveBangKloi campaign