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Labour Rights

The Court's recent verdict denying migrant workers' participation in the Social Security board election highlights the ongoing struggle for equal rights in Thailand's labour force.
A coalition of labour rights activists and political newcomers secure a sweeping victory in the first Social Security board election.
Only a tiny percentage of Thailand's workforce is organised in labour unions, ranking among the lowest globally. But a new generation of workers is weaving together communities not in meeting halls, but across the internet.
Dismissed but not defeated: An unjust firing ignites a union leader’s rise in Thailand’s social justice movement.
A group of educators are stepping into a classroom of a different kind – one that champions the power of collective bargaining, with the vision of establishing Thailand’s first teachers union.
As Thailand rethinks its progressive pension system, welfare advocates rally for the rights of the elderly.
As Thailand nears the legalisation of the sex industry, the fate of a draft law aiming to decriminalise sex work remains uncertain, contingent upon the approval of a potentially progressive government.
Thai advocates push political parties to embrace a Western-style welfare state ahead of the 14 May election.
Thailand introduces a draft bill to legalise sex work and address human rights concerns in the industry. But the legislation’s fate is uncertain due to the upcoming elections and parliamentary deliberations.