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Gender Equality

Three years after the legalisation of abortion, pro-choice activists are urging parliament to speed up the nationwide expansion of access to services, emphasising the slow progress and persistent challenges.
Thai labour law remains silent on the issue of menstrual leave, contrasting sharply with the growing societal openness towards discussing issues like period pains and the accessibility of sanitary products.
Thailand has more than 69,000 doctors, nearly half are in Bangkok. Still, there is no public hospital providing free abortion services under universal healthcare. Advocates are calling for medical staff to adhere to the law.
As Thailand nears the legalisation of the sex industry, the fate of a draft law aiming to decriminalise sex work remains uncertain, contingent upon the approval of a potentially progressive government.
The recent decriminalisation of abortion in Thailand was hailed as a landmark victory for women's rights. But resistance from within the healthcare system hinders women’s access to safe and affordable abortions, leaving them vulnerable to unsafe and unregulated procedures.
Despite the legalisation of abortion in Thailand two years ago, access to free and safe abortion services remains a challenge for women in the country, according to the rights group Tamtang.
Thailand promotes itself as a 'paradise' for queer travellers, but its LGBTQ community faces a different reality, struggling for rights and recognition.
Tens of thousands of women in Thailand lack access to safe and cheap sanitary products. 27 year old Varangtip Satchatippavarn has founded a company to produce affordable and safe sanitary products and works with advocacy groups who campaign to include the issue into education systems.