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Coastal communities battle an unwelcome guest that poses a serious threat to biodiversity, the livelihoods of local fishers and the seafood industry.
The Court's recent verdict denying migrant workers' participation in the Social Security board election highlights the ongoing struggle for equal rights in Thailand's labour force.
Hundreds of villagers in Nakhon Ratchasima province voice their demand for the immediate shutdown of a potash mine, which they blame for causing environmental damage to their farmlands.
Amidst the unresolved tensions in Thailand's Deep South, a group of former detainees emerges as pillars of resilience for victims of arbitrary detention and state overreach.
The ambitious land bridge project across the Kra Isthmus aims to enhance global trade routes, but local communities fear a loss of agricultural land and natural resources.
A coalition of over 20 rights groups demand action against Thai VietJet, alleging a pattern of discrimination against passengers with disabilities in the airline industry, a claim denied by the company.
Three years after the legalisation of abortion, pro-choice activists are urging parliament to speed up the nationwide expansion of access to services, emphasising the slow progress and persistent challenges.
Thailand’s shores are increasingly fortified with seawalls, a move officials claim is essential for erosion control. But environmental groups challenge the necessity of such drastic measures.
In Thailand, the pursuit of electric vehicle battery production is breathing new life into potash mining, but rural communities are resisting, alarmed by the possible environmental fallout.