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In Thailand, abortion is legal but often out of reach for migrant women. A discreet network of volunteers is using word-of-mouth to guide them to safe and affordable care.
A recent event in Bangkok highlighted the ongoing plight of Rohingya women, who continue to face discrimination and violence in Myanmar and across Southeast Asia.
As fighting in Myanmar intensifies, Mae Sot's migrant schools struggle to accommodate the influx of displaced children, while the Thai government remains mostly unresponsive to the growing crisis.
The death of Netiporn Sanesangkhom, a 28-year-old Thai activist, during a hunger strike in custody has sparked calls for judicial reform and raised questions about Thailand's controversial lèse-majesté law and bail system.
Coastal communities battle an unwelcome guest that poses a serious threat to biodiversity, the livelihoods of local fishers and the seafood industry.
The Court's recent verdict denying migrant workers' participation in the Social Security board election highlights the ongoing struggle for equal rights in Thailand's labour force.
Hundreds of villagers in Nakhon Ratchasima province voice their demand for the immediate shutdown of a potash mine, which they blame for causing environmental damage to their farmlands.
Amidst the unresolved tensions in Thailand's Deep South, a group of former detainees emerges as pillars of resilience for victims of arbitrary detention and state overreach.
The ambitious land bridge project across the Kra Isthmus aims to enhance global trade routes, but local communities fear a loss of agricultural land and natural resources.