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As Thailand’s largest gold mine reopens, affected locals await justice in this year’s class action lawsuit.
Thailand introduces a draft bill to legalise sex work and address human rights concerns in the industry. But the legislation’s fate is uncertain due to the upcoming elections and parliamentary deliberations.
17 March 2023 marks the 6th year anniversary of the death of Chaiyaphum Pasae, a young Lahu rights defender, who was shot dead by soldiers who accused him of smuggling drugs in the north of Thailand.
A Thai court has ruled that a local provision allowing for the construction of a waste-to-energy plant near a Saraburi community does not violate the law, despite concerns from local residents.
After three decades of conflict and four killings in the struggle to stop a stone mining company from excavating a local mountain, the Supreme Administrative Court ruled in favour of the Khao Lao Yai - Pha Chan Dai Community Forest Conservation Group.
Despite the legalisation of abortion in Thailand two years ago, access to free and safe abortion services remains a challenge for women in the country, according to the rights group Tamtang.
BANGKOK - Thailand's Supreme Court on Monday accepted the petition for damages by the family of ethnic Lahu activist Chaiyaphum Pasae, who was shot dead by soldiers in 2017.
On 13 January 2023, the Pollution-Free EARTH, a pollution watchdog group in Thailand, reported on the first public hearing for a newly proposed waste-to-energy plant near a Muslim community in Tha Bun Mi, Koh Chan district, Chonburi...
SURAT THANI - According to a report by the Southern Peasants' Federation of Thailand (SPFT), government officials have been trying to intimidate a community of landless farmers in Surat Thani province several times over the past year.