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Aiming for clearer skies, a Thai court has delivered a landmark ruling that demands heightened transparency concerning industrial emissions.
Behind the recent acquittal of three Thai human rights defenders lies a contentious issue: SLAPP lawsuits.
A group of educators are stepping into a classroom of a different kind – one that champions the power of collective bargaining, with the vision of establishing Thailand’s first teachers union.
As Thailand rethinks its progressive pension system, welfare advocates rally for the rights of the elderly.
Celebrating World Indigenous Day, Thailand’s Council of Indigenous Peoples announces fresh leadership and new strategies for 2023-2027, pushing for legal recognition and protection.
Tensions have resurged in southern Thailand over a proposed two-billion-baht dam project that communities fear would uproot their lives and inundate a pristine watershed forest.  
The government's decision to delay the implementation of the anti-torture law has faced strong criticism. After a petition by the opposition, the Constitutional Court has declared the postponement unconstitutional, resulting in the retroactive enforcement of the act.
Marking International May Day with protests, Thai and Burmese workers joined forces to push for political reform and enhanced labour rights ahead of the general election on 14 May.
Thailand's Criminal Court examines the alleged murder of indigenous activist Porlajee “Billy” Rakchongcharoen, whose remains were discovered in an oil barrel, as his family seeks justice for the long-unresolved case.