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Picture of Teeranai Charuvastra

Teeranai Charuvastra

Teeranai Charuvastra is a regular contributor and freelance editor for HaRDstories. He was one of the founders of Khaosod English and regularly writes for other Thai publications such as Prachatai. He focuses on topics of politics, freedom of expression and human rights. Until 2023, he served as the Vice President for Press Freedom and Media Reform of the Thai Journalist Association.

Why Thailand’s beaches are being replaced with concrete

Thailand’s shores are increasingly fortified with seawalls, a move officials claim is essential for erosion control. But environmental groups challenge the necessity of such drastic measures.
Under the Thai government’s “carbon credits” scheme, about 17,000 acres of mangrove forest lands are being placed under the oversight of multi-million baht corporations, leaving some conservationists uneasy.
A group of educators are stepping into a classroom of a different kind – one that champions the power of collective bargaining, with the vision of establishing Thailand’s first teachers union.
As Thailand rethinks its progressive pension system, welfare advocates rally for the rights of the elderly.
Thai advocates push political parties to embrace a Western-style welfare state ahead of the 14 May election.
The recent decriminalisation of abortion in Thailand was hailed as a landmark victory for women's rights. But resistance from within the healthcare system hinders women’s access to safe and affordable abortions, leaving them vulnerable to unsafe and unregulated procedures.
A group of Thai media workers are pushing their profession to be more fair to its workers – by challenging the industry’s resistance to collective bargaining.
A book editor and translator is fundraising bond money for hundreds of activists and protesters as her own way of "paying off the debt" for those who braved arrest and prosecution to speak up against Thailand's government.
Run by four women, and supported by donors from all walks of life, the Will of the People Fund has been bailing out hundreds of Thailand’s activists, human rights defenders, and government critics who would otherwise have ended up in prison.