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Picture of Peerapon Boonyakiat

Peerapon Boonyakiat

Peerapon Boonyakiat is a freelance photojournalist based in Bangkok and working for Hong Kong-based SOPA Images. He is interested in political stories involving conflict between the people and the government. His work can be found on Instagram @peerapon_boonyakiat.

Thai performers push boundaries with silent protests

In Chiang Mai, performance artists are using their bodies as silent canvasses to challenge political repression, despite the risk of legal consequences.
Coastal communities battle an unwelcome guest that poses a serious threat to biodiversity, the livelihoods of local fishers and the seafood industry.
Only a tiny percentage of Thailand's workforce is organised in labour unions, ranking among the lowest globally. But a new generation of workers is weaving together communities not in meeting halls, but across the internet.
Dismissed but not defeated: An unjust firing ignites a union leader’s rise in Thailand’s social justice movement.
Thai advocates push political parties to embrace a Western-style welfare state ahead of the 14 May election.
Piya Thedyam leads the charge for Thai fishing communities, safeguarding the ocean from illicit fishing in a nation where written laws are no match for the problem.
As the Mekong River struggles with the devastating effects of upstream hydropower dams, river communities and scholars are leading a movement to shift our relationship with nature.
The Mekong is changing rapidly due to a series of infrastructure projects that turned the river into an international political battleground. One woman is determined to make a change from the ground to save the “bloodline” of millions of people.
From Thailand's southern tip to the capital; a group of marine conservationists and local fisherfolk travelled on boats for 14 days to protect the future of aquatic life and the country's food security.