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Picture of Nicha Wachpanich

Nicha Wachpanich

Nicha Wachpanich is a Bangkok-based journalist covering stories from a rights-based and human-interest perspective. She previously worked with a local environmental news agency under Thai Society of Environmental Journalists. Nicha can be found on Twitter @NichaWpn.

Legal abortion access meets moral resistance in Thailand’s migrant hubs

In Thailand, abortion is legal but often out of reach for migrant women. A discreet network of volunteers is using word-of-mouth to guide them to safe and affordable care.
The death of Netiporn Sanesangkhom, a 28-year-old Thai activist, during a hunger strike in custody has sparked calls for judicial reform and raised questions about Thailand's controversial lèse-majesté law and bail system.
The Court's recent verdict denying migrant workers' participation in the Social Security board election highlights the ongoing struggle for equal rights in Thailand's labour force.
The ambitious land bridge project across the Kra Isthmus aims to enhance global trade routes, but local communities fear a loss of agricultural land and natural resources.
Three years after the legalisation of abortion, pro-choice activists are urging parliament to speed up the nationwide expansion of access to services, emphasising the slow progress and persistent challenges.
A coalition of labour rights activists and political newcomers secure a sweeping victory in the first Social Security board election.
Thailand's lawmakers have passed equal marriage draft bills in the first reading, igniting hope among LGBTQ+ individuals and their supporters for the legalisation of same-sex marriage.
Thailand gears up for a landmark Social Security board election on 24 December, amidst controversy over the exclusion of migrant workers. Amidst this, progressive candidates are rallying to transform the system from the inside.
In a former communist stronghold along the Thai-Lao border, indigenous communities are picking a new battle. Armed with litmus paper and test tubes, they are fighting the transboundary pollution allegedly caused by the region's largest coal power plant.