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Picture of Nanticha Ocharoenchai

Nanticha Ocharoenchai

Nanticha (Lynn) Ocharoenchai is an environmental writer and youth climate activist from Thailand. Lynn uses the written word, film and photography to provoke curiosity, create empathy, inspire change and enable solutions—telling stories about us, our culture and our nature. Besides environmental science, conservation and sustainability, she covers other areas, including design, communication and community issues.

Yuam River communities worry about impacts of a water diversion project in northwestern Thailand

In 2021, a 30-year-old water infrastructure project was revived to address shortages in Central Thailand. Civil society groups and experts are concerned about the social and ecological impacts, as communities stand to lose their ancestral lands and livelihoods.
Dressed in colourful traditional garb, the village's female elders gather around a young woman as two large cameras begin recording. In a soft but firm voice, Pornchita Fahpratanprai explains why they are standing up against a coal mine threatening their peaceful community in the mountains of northern Thailand.
Patchara Kumchumnan, the passionate indigenous rights defender behind the #SaveBangKloi campaign