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Picture of Jittrapon Kaicome

Jittrapon Kaicome

Jittrapon Kaicome is an independent photojournalist born and raised in Chiang Mai. His projects focus on issues in his hometown of northern Thailand and nearby countries in the Mekong region of Southeast Asia. His works highlight current affairs, environmental crises related to climate change, sex workers’ rights, animal welfare, and the struggles of marginalized communities including ethnic and displaced persons by armed conflicts along the Myanmar-Thailand border.

On the Thai Border, a frantic push to school Myanmar’s youngest refugees

As fighting in Myanmar intensifies, Mae Sot's migrant schools struggle to accommodate the influx of displaced children, while the Thai government remains mostly unresponsive to the growing crisis.
Five years ago, Chaiyaphum Pasae, a young Lahu rights defender, and Abe Sae Mu, an ethnic Lisu man, were shot dead by soldiers in northern Thailand. While Abe's family received financial compensation, Chaiyaphum's family continues to seek justice and hold the military accountable.