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Picture of Wissarut Weerasopon

Wissarut Weerasopon

Wissarut Weerasopon is a Thai documentary and news photographer. He earned his photography degree from Pohchang Academy of Art in 2017. Since graduating, Wissarut has collaborated with prominent Thai publications, including Sarakadee Magazine, The Momentum, and National Geographic Thailand, and frequently works with Zuma Press and Thai News Pix. His work reflects his deep interest in cultural, social, humanitarian, and political issues.

How ex-detainees drive healing in a troubled region

Amidst the unresolved tensions in Thailand's Deep South, a group of former detainees emerges as pillars of resilience for victims of arbitrary detention and state overreach.
For many Rohingyas who took up refuge in Thailand, life in the shadows is preferable to the deadly persecution back home – even if it means enduring a cycle of bribery, abuse, and prejudice.