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Picture of Nathaphob Sungkate

Nathaphob Sungkate

Nathaphob Sungkate is a feature writer from Thailand focusing on human rights issues. His work is informed by a year spent in India. Nathaphob is committed to in-depth reporting to shed light on underrepresented stories.

Rohingya women advocates share stories of violence and resilience

A recent event in Bangkok highlighted the ongoing plight of Rohingya women, who continue to face discrimination and violence in Myanmar and across Southeast Asia.
A coalition of over 20 rights groups demand action against Thai VietJet, alleging a pattern of discrimination against passengers with disabilities in the airline industry, a claim denied by the company.
For many Rohingyas who took up refuge in Thailand, life in the shadows is preferable to the deadly persecution back home – even if it means enduring a cycle of bribery, abuse, and prejudice.